camping me

I started this blog so I can give insight to the everyday projects, crafts, and etiquette that I’ve done and used over the years. A lover of nature, travel, high-end fashion, gardening, cooking, and party-planning, you can find me getting that natural high from finding that must-have item at bargain prices.

So, what is this blog? It’s me. And you. It’s a little bit of everything that makes me happy, and what – hopefully – makes you happy. We’re not just travelers or fashionistas. I’m not an Instagram model or style blogger, but I love shopping, looking good, and pretending I’m a model (in the confines of my closet, thank-you-very-much). I made this blog for myself, for the bits and things that I felt I needed to write about and share and explore with you all! My goal was to keep it as real as possible, and I hope that I continue in that fashion. I only use pictures from my phone (99% of the time, at least) so you know what the finished product looks like – without an hour of staging. Because, in a world full of Instagram models and Kardashians, we need a little true reality in our lives every so often, don’t we?