Lucky Lake Hostel

Lucky Lake Hostel

When people think of Amsterdam, the first things that come to mind are weed and hookers. And, while you can easily find both of those things in Amsterdam, it’s not all that the small town has to offer.There are so many other museums and Instagram-worthy shots to be taken by the canals, and there’s just something about Amsterdam that makes you breathe out a sigh of relief and relax. Even when you’re sober. Perhaps it’s the pedestrian-heavy city, easy-to-access city centre, calming waters and myriad of trees that leaves locals and tourists alike feeling at ease. Everything is within minutes of each other, letting you walk, tram, or bus nearly everywhere and cabs are reasonably cheap for those moments when you’re too ‘at ease’ to find your way back home. Even when you’re staying in the suburbs (in a very cool houseboat, of course), you don’t have to worry about expensive cab rides or multiple subway stops. Walking down a couple of blocks to grab groceries or to go out for dinner or do a bit of shopping is easy to do. But, sometimes, people are looking for a little more than just the usual city centre museums, canals, and coffee shops. Those people must head to Lucky Lake Hostel.

You get to stay in actual campers

wooden shoes Yep, just like a scene out of a gypsy Trailer Park Boys; caravans are available for those who want ‘private rooms’.  They come in a few different sizes (all of the cabins and caravans do) with one bed, two, or three, some closet space and some cute wooden shoes on the door.  The campers are brightly coloured and offer a great escape from busy hostels with rooms and rooms of people crammed in. Look out into the stars from a picnic table nearby while you get a little…in touch with your feelings with a midnight smoke.

Meet new people

The one good thing about hostels is that you get to meet some great new people (this can also be the downfall if you’ve ever come across that roommate). There’s always a common room of sorts in hostels and Lucky Lake is no different. The Lucky Lounge is a cute place to hang out with your travel buddies or to meet up with the new people you’ve met waiting for the shuttle into town. It has a piano; a cozy fireplace; tons of games; and chairs to relax in inside and hammocks to take a nap in outside.This hostel also has available a kitchen nook (with free groceries to make breakfast with); items available at their convenience store inside the main lobby; and washing machines with detergent available.

Countryside Bike Rides

What feels more quaint and Netherlands-y than heading out for a bicycle ride in the countryside? Abcoude is the next town over and offers beautiful roads to ride along, cute parks, and a few grocery stores where you can pick up provisions. Heads up: it’s tricky to get that perfect photo of you riding in the countryside with most of them ending up sideways, so double up with a friend and get them to take all the adorable photos of you riding off into the sunset.
Riding down the highway can be a bit harrowing, but well-worth it. If you’re nervous of crossing the highway, there are plenty of trails for you to enjoy.

Enjoy the Outdoors

lucky lake pretty photo

Or, just play on the children’s playground, lay on the dock tanning, enjoy the view, or admire all of the cabins and houses that you wished you owned. Lucky Lake Hostel is perfect for swimming; kayaking; boating; fishing; sailing; and scuba diving. The actual hostel, itself, is just a short jaunt from the property to the waters’ edge with tons of great activities awaiting your arrival.

If you’re looking for the type of Amsterdam fun that comes with opening up those doors in the Red Light District, Lucky Lake may not be for you; unless you’re okay with opening those doors in daylight. This hostel is only 30 minutes from city centre with a shuttle that takes you to and from the train station; however, the last shuttle is at 1:30am. So, if you’re getting rowdy, plan for a cab to take you home or keep on keeping on until the next shuttle shows up at the station at 9:15am. It’ll be well worth the story, at least.



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