5 Christmas Gifts that are Traveler Approved

For those of you still hiding from the carols in the malls and ignoring the holiday cups at various coffee shops, I hate to be the bearer of bad news: Christmas is Coming! I, personally, am very excited. I can’t wait for #redcupseason; I decorate my house like it’s a bad Christmas movie; I binge all of the Hallmark Christmas movies; and I happily bake and cook for every person I know. Christmas gift shopping is like a sport to me, and usually (this year being a wild exception) I am finished everything but stocking stuffers before the end of November. But, if this isn’t the most wonderful time of year for you and you loathe even the thought of Christmas shopping, then I’ll  make it easier for you. Any one, or more, of these 5 items and will have the traveler on your list thanking you. Also, a few of these are applicable for those who rarely travel and just love gadgets and soft things. You’re welcome.


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An Excellent Camera
Now, I’m still shooting things with my phone like I’m at a restaurant in 2015 posing for pictures with my food. I like it because it’s one less thing to carry around. Or, more legitimately, I ‘like’ it because of money – or lack thereof. And, that may be why the traveler on your list doesn’t have one either, but has been yearning for one since the day they stepped off that airplane and into that smokey airport of Paris with disposable cameras in her bag (oh. Just me? Okay). Nikon has some pretty reasonably priced cameras with all the fixings that your traveler will love. If you’re going to go the route of a camera, make sure it’s a good one. Buying just any old digital camera is useless as my phone takes better pictures than the pocket one I have from 2013….


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A Tablet – with Keyboard

For all those writers and bloggers out there (hint hint mom)
This is probably going to be the most embarrassing post I’ve ever done because you guys are going to find out just how sad my travel gear really is. I still cart around my laptop everywhere I go – solely because I want the keyboard. Sure, I’ve my tablet with me, but it’s really just used to read magazines on the plane. I used to have a tiny laptop (remember those?!) that served me well, but that poor guy has  been tuckered out. So, be a nice friend or relative and spruce up your present-receiver’s travel gear and get them a tablet (or just the keyboard attachment).


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Cashmere Blanket

Finally. Something I can look good with. I love traveling with a blanket and a pillow (or quillow) on every flight. It just makes it that much more cozy and comfortable and the blankets they give you on the plane? It’s like a thin t-shirt – I don’t think so. My favourite is the Bay striped blanket collection (because stripes), but any beautiful travel blanket will do. Bonus points if it’s cashmere.

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Smart Watch
It can do everything! Welcome, future! Well…sort of. A smart watch is perfect for any traveler on your list – it will help them stay connected without having to worry about losing a phone while they’re out exploring new grounds. Michael Kors even has a gorgeous smart watch that doesn’t look like a fitbit, but like a timeless timepiece for the classy lady (or man) that you are. If there’s one you’ve your heart set on that has been sold out, don’t fret! Get a little creative and print out the picture (or draw it!) of the new smart watch with an IOU attached. They may have to wait a month or two to get their hands on one that they specifically wanted, but at least they’ll have the gift they wanted.

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Solar Powered Charger
Who knew that something so useful will stress us out so much once we leave the house? I’m talking about our phones, people. Have you ever felt that panic when your phone dips below 11%? What about 4%? Add in a foreign country, perhaps a lost friend and no grasp of the native language and you’ve a full-blown panic attack coming. Keep your traveler calm by gifting them a solar powered battery charger that can power up any electronic device that may be dying right in front of their eyes.




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