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With the year drawing to a close, and New Years Eve just around the corner, I thought it appropriate to compile a short list of travel related best sellers. Some of these I took from either beauty, electronics, or travel accessories from Amazon, deeming the below appropriate travel items. Although they have the same basis, and very similar traits at first glance, both and yielded very different results. There were far more mittens in the luggage and bag section on than you would have assumed; the section may not make sense, but the wintery timing sure does. To see what America was shopping for, click here. So, without further adieu, here are the top 10 travel-related best sellers on Amazon:

I love having a real book in my hands, but I have to admit that it’s much easier to carry one item than 7 heavy ones.

Full-sized bottles are more my thing, but you can’t get them past security with only a carry-on!

This bag/organizer is beyond adorable!

Samsonite won out as the best seller on AND Good for you, Samsonite.

Seriously. Canada loves to buy electronic-related items on A backpack and easy access to charging your electronics for the ultimate laziness? Get in my cart!

Passport holders don’t have to be ugly.

Cheap and genius. Perhaps now every chair in the apartment you’ve rented won’t have an item of clothing hanging off of it.

For when you don’t feel like emptying detergent into another tiny bottle only for it to leak.

Use a lot of Bert’s Bees? Going on a trip? Grab the trial size of everything you need for easy packing.

Ah, yes, the adapter. So you can blow-dry, straighten, curl, and charge to your heart’s content.


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