How to Make a Birch Tree Lamp

I love nature. I love to incorporate nature into everything I do, especially my home. So, when there was a tree that needed to be cut down and I had an abundance of wood slices and tealight holders, I wondered what to do with the rest of the wood. Because it was birch, I just didn’t want to throw it onto the bonfire pile and watch that beautiful paper bark burn up. At the time, I was trying to DIY my way into a better lamp for our living room….which didn’t turn out the best. It worked to lessen my anger towards it for a little while, but slowly the lamp crept its way back into the ugly department. So, my fiance suggested making the birch tree into a lamp. Obviously, I was delighted. The best part? It took just minutes to put together (but days til completion).

Get your tree. Clip off the branches that still have leaves on it. Leave some short to hang bulbs.
Clean it off of cobwebs or anything else that may be crawling on it. Remember that this is going into your home so whatever is on – or in – the tree is coming with it.
Let it rest because spiders are crafty buggers and hide in tiny crevices.
Spray it down with protecting wood spray.
Get two boards, measuring out the correct length for the height of your tree, for your base. For our 6.25foot tree, we used two 15.25inch long 2×4’s. Use a carriage bolt to bolt them together.
Add string lights. I chose the Edison type bulbs (mixed with larger LED ones) that you would find on a patio, but made for indoor use.
Plug it in.

How to make a birch lamp for your home!

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