How to Decorate a Bar Cart

Having a functional bar cart requires some items to make it, well, functional, but it’s also fun to jazz it up a bit. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy extra items, some of the useful ones can be decor!

Decanters the classiest way to keep your liquor stored and were originally found on bar carts when high-powered men had them in every office. I have three on mine and I make it a focal point. If you don’t have enough booze to fill the decanters, or if the hard stuff isn’t your go-to, try filling them with beads for some cute decor.
How to Decorate a Bar CartNature
Add some wood. Because, who doesn’t love wood? I have a wood slice that I use to put my drink down when pouring as my coaster. Adding a bit of nature, whether it’s wooden coasters, plants, or a bouquet of flowers, calms the room and puts you on point with Instagram and Pinterest interiors right now.
Leave out your favourite glasses. I have two purple champagne flutes that look beautiful and add to the bar cart atmosphere. Instead of keeping them in a cupboard or on the shelf, display them for all to see.
I have a painting (obviously a print) of Chanel over my bar cart that adds to the atmosphere. Hanging art above your bar cart, or putting a cute saying – I’m partial to Pop, Fizz, Clink – inside of a gilded picture frame right on the cart itself can jazz up the whole serving station.
How to Decorate a Bar CartGet the cute straws. Right now, my straws are from IKEA (and from fast food joints) and in a large beer glass that reads ‘I bet you can’t’ on it. Not the fanciest, but it brightens up the table. What I’m looking towards, when I finish all of the straws, are the beautiful paper straws with gold polka dots, stripes, and some metal¬†reusable ones.


Bottle Opener
Have a cute bottle opener? Use it as decor! My bottle opener is a fake gold antler…it looks chic and rustic on my bar cart, which is exactly the vibe throughout my home.

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