What to do While Traveling so you Don’t Die of Boredom

What to do while traveling so you don't die of boredom
While the getting there can be half the fun, it’s not so exciting after 10 hours of traveling. Everyone has their own thing that they do while waiting in between flights or passing the time on trains. Here are mine:
Mini Games
This can be as simple as cards, a little Dutch Blitz, or Uno. No, you don’t have to be playing games the entire ride (because there needs to be time for naps!), but it helps stave off the boredom when you’ve been sitting in an airport for 8 hours after flight changes.
Honestly, my favourite thing to do on a plane, besides read, is nap. Napping in between meals on those long haul fights can help you feel more refreshed when you touch down in your destination. Plus, what feels more vacation-mode than napping while you travel?
All the Books
I like to stick to bringing a couple of actual books and then I load my tablet up with downloaded magazines (for when wifi isn’t an option) or a couple of quick reads on kobo. Even if you’re not a huge reader, bringing along a ‘vacation read’ or magazines can help pass the time both in the airport and the airplane. Plus, magazines are an absolute must when you’re laying on a beach or are in a cafe!
Most of you already have music downloaded onto your phone (and a lot of you use a travel specified playlist), but make sure they’re actually downloaded and not just saved. When wifi cuts out you’ll be stuck sitting there listening to 3 songs, eagerly awaiting the next wifi spot to hurriedly download as many as you can (actual true life story of me on a train in France).

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