Better than Lush Charcoal Face Soap – Melt & Pour

Charcoal face soap

Lush is all kinds of things wonderful, but affordable it is not. I originally started soap making to save money on my face soap: Coalface. I loved how it made my skin feel, keeping any acne at bay and giving me that squeaky clean look. But, at around $25 a pop that only lasts 1-2 months, I found myself wondering if I could replicate it. Turns out, I can! While it is (most definitely) not the same recipe as Lush uses as I’m not a wizard or a spy, it still leaves my face feeling amazing and costs about $2 per bar. And, that’s the expensive way.
What you will need:
stir sticks
cutting mat or board you don’t mind for crafts
measuring cup (I use an old one with a chip in it as my designated soapy residue when cooking)
melt and pour base
tea tree oil
activated charcoal
I like to use goat’s milk or coconut oil as a base soap. You can get melt and pour soaps from here on the cheap. I started with melt and pours because it’s easy to dip your toe into soap making, save you some money, and have great soap!

Tea tree

This time around, I used a tea tree oil base and, I have to say, it is wonderful.

Charcoal face wash! Better than Lush!

Cut up about 2 cups of your melt-and-pour soap base, cutting them into small-ish cubes. If the cubes are too big, it’ll take a longer time to melt and you will keep having to stop and stir it.
Melt in microwave, stopping to stir every 20-30 seconds, until melted through.
Add in 1/2 teaspoon of activated charcoal (use one full teaspoon if you are going for an exfoliating bar).
Add in 3-5 drops of tea tree oil (nix this if you’re using the tea tree oil base soap).
**smells will dissipate when the mixture is very hot, so wait for it to cool slightly, then add**


Stir well. Make sure the charcoal is mixed in well and there are no chunks floating around. Chunks in the liquid will turn into chunks in your solid soap.

Better than Lush!

Pour into soap mold. I like to use washed out old milk containers or concentrated juice containers, This time I used plastic wrap to keep it clean, but will most likely just go back to washing them out properly and pouring straight in. It didn’t leave my soap molded as nice as usual.
Wait for the soap to harden….You can test this by gently squeezing the can or tapping the top of the soap with your finger. It’ll be similar to Jello: if it’s tacky it’s not ready.
Take out of mold, cut into desired size and begin loving your new face wash!


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