Make your Kitchen like a Chefs: Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs in the Kitchen all Year Long!

My top herbs in my kitchen: chives; parsley; dill; rosemary; thyme; sage; and mint.

Fresh herbs don’t need to be just for the chefs of the rich or the summer months. You can easily have fresh herbs in your home all year long! They’re easy to maintain and ups your cooking game, making it so simple to whip up any recipe on Pinterest – and not have to worry about going to the grocery store for extra items.

Get a pot. I choose cute ones from IKEA because they’re cheap, look adorable, and fit perfectly on my windowsill.

Don’t forget the potting soil. Depending on whether or not you’re growing your herbs from seed or transplanting a baby plant, you’ll need more or less soil. If by plant: start by filling the pot about ¼ of the way – it’ll make it easier to keep the plant at the perfect height. Next, measure it out by placing the plant in the pot and making sure it’s just below the rim of the pot. Add in more soil as needed. For seeds: fill the pot up and follow instructions on the packaging. Some seeds will need to be deeper or barely in the soil.

Water. Water now and water regularly. You don’t want your herbs drying out and dying on you before you can use them! Parsley can withstand some drought and will let you know when it’s time to water by wilting down, perking right back up once a little water has been given.

Place in sunlight. I keep my herbs on my windowsill above the kitchen sink and on top of my microwave (have to get crafty when you run out of space!), both areas that have ample sunlight.



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