How to Store Carrots for Consumption Over Winter

Storing carrots so they last all winter | Luxuriously Thrifty

I looove carrots. Eating them raw, by themselves, with dip, cooked, in salads, roasted; they’re my favourite vegetable. I also try to plant enough food that I can store away during the winter months to make it over the colder part of the year. While my carrots don’t last from September until June, they can last pretty long, if stored correctly.

The easiest way, and the only way I store my carrots for fresh eating: in my fridge.

Step 1. Harvest your carrots. Washing off any mud and cut off the tops (you can actually eat the carrot greens in a salad or use as a form of ‘parsley’. They will be a bit bitter).

Step 2. Make sure your carrots are dry before beginning to pack them away. Place vegetables, loosely, into vegetable bags. These are the ones with the holes and allow them to breathe. If you do not have any Ziploc vegetable bags (I swear they get harder and harder every year to find) just make your own! Place bag on a cutting board and have at ‘er with a knife, creating tiny pinpricks of holes all over the bag.

Step 3. Place in vegetable crisper.

If you don’t have a lot, or want to slow down on your use of plastic bags, you can also place washed carrots in a tupperware filled with water and cover. Place in the fridge and enjoy crunchy carrots for weeks. They will not last as long as the ones in the bags (I’ve had carrots in properly ventilated bags in the fridge last me until late winter!), but will stay nice and crisp, fresh and crunchy. Remember to change out the water every few days.

If your bagged carrots start get a little rubbery, usually after a couple of months, place them into a tupperware filled with water to bring back their crunch.

Storing carrots so they last all winter | Luxuriously Thrifty


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