How to Store Potatoes so They Last (Nearly) all Winter!

how to store potatoes so they last (nearly) all winter!

Potatoes. Is there anything more delicious as a side dish? You don’t make friends with salad, unless said salad is potato salad.

I plant over 20 hills of potatoes in my garden with a couple of different varieties. This year we only did 3 varieties and left out the baby potatoes because I, honestly, just couldn’t be bothered planting any more rows. But, we end up with tons of potatoes every year (even last when it was one of the worst gardening years) and need to store boxes and boxes of them to keep over winter. It’s the biggest reason I plant such a large garden: sustaining over the winter months. It’s super simple to store potatoes for eating in the winter months and takes no time at all.
1. Dig up your potatoes.
2. Wash off mud and let dry. Or scrape off if dry enough.
3. Place in a basket with holes for breathing, making sure not to pack them too tightly. An old laundry basket works wonders!
4. Store in a cool, dry place like a dry basement or cold storage.
5. Enjoy all winter long!

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