Things that had me going WTF in Morocco

Things that had me going WTF in Morocco

A lot of things have you raising an eyebrow in morocco, but here are my small annoyances and ‘really?’s:

– one roll of toilet paper in your hotel…maybe two for 3 days.

– no toilet paper AT ALL in some bathrooms. And no bidet.

– having to pay to use a literal hole in the ground.

– honestly, just their whole bathroom situation.

– 1-2 towels for 3 days for two people.

– the lack of lighting. The lanterns are adorable, but my shitty eyes can’t adjust with low lighting and it seems that’s Morocco’s jam. This may just be my own issue, but a wtf moment it is.

– sexism, but not what we’re used to. I.e. no one helps me with my baggage, but only my husbands.

– no easy access to come and go in some Riads. We had to knock or ring a bell to be let in every single time. If that doesn’t make you feel like you need to be at home, in bed, by 9 I don’t know what does.

– being asked if I’ve slept well when there’s cat fights, dogs barking, roosters crowing, and the a/c and/or fan doesn’t work in our room. Bitch, thank-you, but did you?

– metal detectors at hotel doors where they don’t actually do anything if it’s set off.

– garbage. Garbage everywhere! It’s like an entire nation has given up on using trash cans and you can find every bit of nature and roadside covered in garbage. Whether it’s straight littering or just being blown off trucks or anything other probable reason, it’s found everywhere. It’s heart-breaking to see so much trash strewn about, and surprisingly, you get used to it.


2 thoughts on “Things that had me going WTF in Morocco

  1. I definitely appreciate the cultural differences. This list isn’t specifically complaining, nor is it a negative attitude. I had a great time in Morocco. It’s okay to not love everything about a country.

  2. Interesting list, but instead of complaining and having a negative attitude, try to appreciate the cultural differences! It possibly gives you a more positive outlook on your home country!
    Cultural differences are what it’s all about, that’s the beauty of traveling

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