What to do if you Left your Clothes in the Washer

What to do if you've left your laundry in the washer too long

So you forgot to take the clothes out of the washer, again. Or, if you’re like me, you’ve put them into the dryer, but have forgotten to turn the damn dryer on. So, your damp clothes have been sitting in the dryer for days now because you’re too busy lazy to take the clothes out of the dryer right away.

Now, if it’s only been 8-hours, or less, your clothes probably smell fine and are good to go to dry in the dryer or outside on a line. My preferred method in the summer months. Yay, sunshine! If it’s been longer, give them a sniff check. Sometimes, they end up just fine with no musty smell, at all. Plus, if put outside on a windy and sunny day, they’ll come back fresh as rain.

But, you’re here because it’s been longer than 24-hours and your clothes smell iffy and you’re annoyed with yourself that you have to do a wash, AGAIN. Calm down. You don’t. Throw ’em back into the washer, add a couple of drops of lemon essential oil, and give ‘er a good rinse and spin. Your clothes will come out smelling oh-so-fresh and the antibacterial affects of the lemon essential oil will take care of the pesky musty grossness.

**if you aren’t using hot water, this may pose as a fire risk. See more here

What to do if you left your clothes in the washer

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