Good Stuff Happening

Recently, I’ve put myself on News Cleanse (more on that later). The short of it is because there’s so much bad happening in the world, I couldn’t handle it. But, even though I don’t studiously read the latest news articles, I still educate myself.

Here are some cool things happening in the world:

This may not be something that seems fits the criteria of good stuff happening when you first begin the read, but it’s important to educate ourselves. Especially when it comes to the hype around non-gmos. Lately, it’s seemed like everything is labeled non-gmo and it has me, and a lot of people, confused and pissed off. This is a great explanation of just what in the fuck is happening.

Food-sharing to rid the world of excess waste and to help those who need it

Plastic-free is hard, but this article lists people doing good.

Traveling makes sooo much waste. You don’t even think about it! Easy things to change your habits.

With all the species dying, a new species is a breath of fresh air. Plus, this bird is adorable AF.

Saving an ecosystem without a holier-than-thou approach? Love it!

The real estate lover, home decor fanatic, and tree-hugger in me is loving this!